I am a writer, idea person and former executive editor of Washington Life Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication chronicling power, philanthropy, and society in the nation’s capital. Yes, the job entailed attending a lot of balls, galas and charitable events, but I also got to interview some pretty interesting and accomplished people: politicians, diplomats, chefs, journalists and entrepreneurs.


Going back to childhood, or at least my early twenties, I credit television news for helping me become a jack of all trades. Prior to turning to print journalism, I was a producer for two divisions of NBC News, where I covered Washington politics and presidential elections — from Bill Clinton's to Barack Obama's. I also traveled extensively, contributing to coverage of national political conventions, Olympic games, the birth of the world's first surviving set of septuplets (all I remember was it was very cold outside that hospital in Des Moines), Pope John Paul II’s historic trip to Cuba (where I took some Nyquil and slept through my first shift but, incredibly, did not get fired), hurricanes, plane crashes and everything in between.


Telling stories can be exhilarating, grueling and intensely heartbreaking, but it is always a privilege.

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